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About Qatami Agricultural Co. W.L.L.

Al-Qatami Agricultural Company is a part of Al-Qatami Group. The vision and stoic belief of its founder, Mr. Faisal Naser Al-Qatami, has steered the company through many turbulent times, bringing it to its present status as a trading house with an enviable record of supplying reputable products to the local market.

Developing a business and building a reputation requires not just a focused vision and quality products. It requires the right team to bring about the realization of such a goal. We believe our business should be competitively successful and we set very high standards, both within and outside our infrastructure. The challenges are many and the mission is clear. To achieve these demanding standards, we rely upon the collective experience and abilities of our people.

We at Qatami Agriculture know that to flourish in this competitive market and to preserve our reputation, we can completely count on the dedication, integrity and cumulative expertise of our employees, for we know that our real strength and success are our people.